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Partner With Us!

I have been thinking a lot about partnerships the past couple of weeks as I’ve attended dozens of meetings. If we think about our relationships, we are all effectively partners with each other. One of CCRR’s most valued partnerships is with those who offer their time, share their expertise, and support us financially.

You have by now received our Annual Appeal in the mail or your email. These seem old-school to me – and in a good way. Having that card arrive in the mailbox is a tangible reminder of the important work nonprofits provide to our community – especially as government funding stays stagnant or is reduced.

Nonprofits have always relied on the philanthropy of others. I know when I give money I want to know those funds are being spent on something tangible – so here's a list of a few of the things CCRR does with your donations to cover costs outside our contract requirements: 

Child Care Tuition Scholarship Program 

Conduct compliance visits to early care and early education programs, ensuring children are safe and well cared-for

Create workshops and accompanying materials on topics such as child development; health and safety; creating breastfeeding-friendly spaces; and curriculum development

Provide reading materials for our Tales for Tots classrooms and program volunteers

Subsidize the true cost of training for child care providers and early educators 

Subsidize the cost of student materials for UPK programs 

CCRR has produced three short videos that explain a little bit about why quality child care matters; about the economy of child care and the bottom line; and how CCRR helps families looking for child care. Please take a look at them and share them.

We know investing in children from the age of birth to five yields a return of 13% on that investment. Where else can your money do that?

Please partner with us and donate to our Annual Appeal.

Thank you.