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This service offers your employees a customized and enhanced child care resource and referral service. Our experienced Family Connections Specialists have access to an extensive up-to-date database of programs for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. It includes all local, regulated programs (child care centers, family and group family child care programs and school age care programs) as well as other types of child care like summer camps, nursery schools, employment agencies for nanny placements and au pair agencies. For those employees living outside of the county, we have close working relationships with resource and referral agencies throughout the country so all employees will get the same comprehensive, individualized service.

The referrals given to your employees are not recommendations. Child Care Resources of Rockland does not recommend, nor endorse a particular individual or program. Your employees receive expert guidance and resources throughout the entire process of selecting a child care program. With these tools, parents can make informed decisions for choosing the child care program that best suits their needs.


  • Assistance in locating child care services near an employee's home, enroute to work, or in close proximity to the worksite.
  • Comprehensive search and vacancy checks of available openings at appropriate child care programs.
  • Help in identifying quality child care in selecting the best possible care, including, but not limited to, family child care, group family child care, child care centers, before/after school programs and summer day camps for school-age children that best fits the family’s needs.
  • Introductory seminars to explain how our service operates and how to choose child care.
  • Our trained Family Connections Specialists will provide information and support to employees dealing with various work/family issues, including problem solving for employees whose young children have special needs.
  • Consultations by phone throughout child care search. An employee may call as often as needed.
  • A detailed profile of each provider referred which will include name, address, telephone numbers, schedules, program information, relevant education and/or training hours. • Guidance on eligibility for publicly subsidized child care and how to apply for such assistance.
  • Information about making full use of the Child Care Tax Credit available to working parents. In addition, the employer will receive detailed semi-annual utilization reports and promotional advice to ensure maximum usage of the service.

If you are interested in this type of employer contract, please call (877) 425-0009 x0 or email