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CARES 3 Child Care Scholarship

Child Care Scholarships for Essential Workers

7-6-2021 - Essential Worker Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

UPDATE!  6-23-2021 - For New York State Essential Workers. Application for the Child Care Scholarships can be found here: More information can be found here.

6-22-2021 - For New York State Essential Workers - Starting June 23, 2021 - $25 Million Available for Child Care Scholarships. Please go to:  More information can be found here.

6-21-2021 - For New York State Essential Workers - Starting  June 22, 2021 - $25 Million Available for Child Care Scholarships. Please go to:  More information can be found here.

6-17-2021 - The Essential Worker Tuition Scholarship application is expected to be live Tuesday, June 22, at 9:00 am.  New and returning parents must apply on the OCFS website. Submit your application as soon as possible!

Closed as of January 11, 2021
Information for Parents (Child Care Providers: Please see below.)

1-11-2021  CARES 3 Update The Child Care Scholarship Parent Application is no longer accepting responses effective today, January 11, 2021.

10-29-20 - Child Care Tuition Scholarship Applications For Parents (No longer active.)

Are you income eligible? To apply the overall gross family income must be 300% of the federal poverty level or below.  If you meet the income eligibility requirement, please complete the Family Certification of Income Form.  Email the completed form to

Checklist: Please refer to the Application Checklist before completing the application. Submitting the application is the first step in the process. Once it is submitted you will be contacted within 10 days. 

Communication for Parent's Employer
Employee Verification Letter: This employee verification letter from your employer is for your employer to sign to validate that you, the parent, are an essential worker and income eligible. Email the letter to 

Important Information to Know 
Twenty million dollars is allocated to support child care scholarships for children of essential workers. Essential workers include first responders such as health care providers, pharmaceutical staff, law enforcement, firefighters, food delivery workers, grocery store employees and others who are needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Child care costs will be covered for families of essential workers whose income is less than 300 percent of the federal poverty level - or $78,600 for a family of four - and will be paid up to market rate for each region statewide.

Who is an essential worker? CARES Act Scholarships are open to children of essential workers who are required to work outside the home, as defined in Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.6, and meet income eligibility. Please note: school employees, while not included in the original order, are considered essential workers.

Scholarship Funding: Funds are limited and will be distributed directly to eligible licensed/registered providers. Awards will be given based on the order in which an eligible parent application is completed, including the submission of any additional paperwork. Funds are anticipated to cover child care through January 10, 2021, and/or as long as the funding remains to support the scholarship.

Do you receive a child care subsidy? For parents who currently receive subsidy from the Rockland County Department of Social Services to pay for child care, this scholarship can cover the parent co-pay. Parents should apply for the CARES Act Scholarship, contact the Rockland County Department of Social Services to request a letter stating the current co-pay, then email it to 

Child Care Program Information Profile

All licensed and registered providers who are caring for the children of essential workers are able to participate in the CARES Scholarship program.

This program information profile is an application to be able to accept CARES Scholarship recipients and payments from CCRR to care for those children. Completing this application is not a guarantee that additional children will be added to your enrollment. After completion of this program information profile, you will be contacted by a member of our staff with further information about how you can participate in the program.

Child Care Program Information Profile
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Required Documents
These forms MUST be filled out by participating child care programs and emailed to or faxed to 845-425-5312.
Direct Deposit Form | Form W-9