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Quality Investments for Children

Quality Investments for Children (QIC) is a statewide initiative which seeks to not only educate communities about the importance of Quality, but to generate new resources that support Quality, such as volunteers, grants, in-kind donations, and the influence of community leaders. The first phase of the program is the United to Promote Quality campaign, which aims to educate the community and raise awareness about the importance of safe, quality, affordable child care.

15 Essential QIC Messages About Quality

1)  What we mean by “Quality” is high quality early learning experiences that help a child thrive.

2)  Quality can also be described as those events, activities, environments, relationships, and factors that have a positive impact on a young child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development

3)  Quality involves more than simply the custodial care very often associated with “babysitting,”

4)  Quality can have a particularly positive impact for young children whose families experience racial, cultural, and/or economic inequity.

5)  Quality prepares young children for success in school, job training, employment, and community life.

6)  Quality serves young children, as well as parents/guardians who might be less effective in their jobs without access to Quality for their children. In turn, employers benefit by the enhanced performance of their workers.

7)  Quality is about the future, as well as the present. Without Quality there will not be an educated, competent, and professional “next generation workforce” for tomorrow.

8)  Quality impacts young children in all settings, including the home environment. Quality is enhanced by a woven fabric of social supports, such as home visiting, early intervention, nutrition services, paid family leave, and equitable employment opportunities, which all help a child and family to thrive.

9)  Quality is vital for young children, families, and communities, so the United to Promote Quality state-wide campaign is intended to educate whole communities - including families, early learning service providers, businesses, & community leaders - about the importance of Quality.

10)  Quality awareness is the goal of the United to Promote Quality partnership between the Early Care and Learning Council, Child Care Resource & Referral agencies, For Our Babies NY, and other allies.

11)  Quality awareness efforts within a community will demonstrate how:

  -  Quality promotes “robust brain development” over the first 4 years of life
  -  Quality gives “peace of mind” to parents/guardians, so they can be more focused and productive employees
  -  Quality “lays the strong foundation” for the future economic development of our communities, state, and nation - by better preparing children to become successful in school, work, and life

12) Quality in an early learning program has many essential elements, including:

  •  Highly skilled staff
  •  Age-appropriate curricula
  • Language-rich environment
  • Warm and responsive interactions between staff and children
  • High and consistent levels of child participation
  • Small class sizes and low child-to-adult ratios

13) Quality can be measured and improved through QUALITYstarsNY, a comprehensive and evidence-based Quality Rating and Improvement System, for which resources are needed to complete NY’s implementation.

14) Quality awareness in a community will result in a commitment of new resources for Quality, such as new volunteers, grants from local donors, in-kind support from businesses, and advocacy by community leaders.

15) Quality awareness is a “team sport.” Everyone can play a role to increase awareness and commitments for Quality.

Please contact us to learn more about Quality Investments for Children and how you can help to increase awareness in your community: 845-425-0009,

View "United to Promote Quality," featuring former Executive Director Jane Brown.