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As federal budget negotiations continue, we find ourselves struggling with the notion that years of advocacy work toward affordable, quality child care for New York families may be lost with the stroke of a pen. This has me thinking a lot about community; the work we've done; the work we will continue to do; and how we must continue to build and strengthen our community for Rockland families to thrive.

It is The Month of the Young Child! Of course that is a big deal here at Child Care Resources of Rockland. It has been an exciting month of recognition, advocacy, and networking.

We end in celebration. Read all about it in my new blog post.

As Executive Director of Child Care Resources of Rockland (CCRR), I value the relationships we have with each and every one of our supporters, affiliates and friends. Blogging is a great way to keep in touch and let everyone know all of the great things happening here at CCRR.

That being said, as Spring begins to unfold, so has my latest blog post. Take a look.

All aboard! Summer's end marks a new beginning for five (5) new employees.

Change is inevitable, all part of the journey.

As adults, it is our job to foster a sense of wonder and inquisitiveness in children so they can grow and become independent thinkers, independent listeners, independent doers.

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