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Seeking Early Childhood Certified Teachers

Seeking enthusiastic and effective early childhood teachers to provide direct instructional services to four-year-old students in PreK classrooms for the 2019-2020 school year in Rockland County, New York.

Candidates must possess a current New York State Teaching Certificate in:

Early Childhood (Birth - Grade 2);
Nursery, Kindergarten and Grades 1-6 (N-6);
Prekindergarten - Grade 6 (P-6);


Students with Disabilities (Birth - Grade 2)

Community Based Organizations (CBOs) are independent organizations that contract with Rockland County school districts to provide free pre-K programs to four-year olds. The nearly 40 sites in Rockland offer diverse options for families across seven school districts. CBOs may range in size from having a single pre-K class to several classes. Each CBO employs its own teachers (they are not employees of the school district). Interested teachers may submit a resume and documentation of New York State Teacher Certification to

Child Care Job Bank:  If you are looking to work in a child care program or hire staff for your program, please contact Elaine Trotta and ask about our Job Bank.

Volunteering: Child Care Resources of Rockland (CCRR) accepts volunteers year round to work primarily in the Administrative Department. Volunteers will help with a variety of tasks including mailings, copying, filing and data entry. We accept volunteers for school required community service and court ordered community service. If you are interested in volunteering for Child Care Resources of Rockland, please call (877) 425-0009 x630 or email

Tales for Tots: Young children are receiving a head start towards emerging literacy because we know that children who are read to become readers. They have a greater chance to succeed in school, build positive self-esteem and become productive workers. Child Care Resources of Rockland recruits and trains volunteers and gathers funds to purchase appropriate books for the volunteers to use at the child care centers and then leave for the children’s continued enjoyment. For more information on becoming a Tales for Tots volunteer and read to children in child care programs, please call Marcia Scheer at (845) 362-1429 or email

Intern Opportunities: Child Care Resources of Rockland accepts college students who are looking for intern opportunities for their degree programs. For more information about becoming an intern please call Karen Ross at (877) 425-0009 x630 or send an email to:


SUMMARY DESCRIPTION: The Nurse is accountable for assuring the effective and efficient process by which Child Care Providers qualify for licensure for medication administration. This includes Medication Administration Training (MAT), policy and procedures set forth in the child care program's health care plan, approval of the health care plan, instruction and monitoring of program's adherence to the health care plan, verification of qualifications of staff approved to administer medication, approval of health care plan as set forth in NYS Office of Child and Family Service (OCFS) regulations. The Nurse oversees the health screening requirements and health procedures at Universal Prekindergarten sites. The Nurse provides technical assistance; workshops and training to programs and providers on the topics addressed in the health care plan, best practices in child care health and supports the goals and endeavors of the Agency. The incumbent will work collaboratively with staff members of CCRR and other agencies. 


  • Ensure all Child Care Resources of Rockland and NYS Office of Children and Family Services and Rockland County contract responsibilities are being met such as processing incoming paperwork, visits, complaint/violations, and data entry in a timely manner. 
  • Keep current on all rules and regulations and other publications and requirements Health Care process, as they are released. 
  • Guide all programs and providers on staying compliant. 
  • Ensure required visits of programs are completed. 
  • Responsible for all compliance issues and follow through with providers and programs.
  • Maintain ongoing contact with providers and programs to include giving technical assistance using a variety of methods such as face-to-face, phone, mail, and email. 
  • Collaborate and share information with CCRR staff. 
  • Collaborate in generating the Agency Newsletter by submitting an article related to the work upon request. 
  • Collaborate with staff from the State, Regional, and local Office of Children and Family Services and other regulatory and governmental agencies. 
  • Maintain professional licensures and certifications and expertise related to child care health issues. 
  • Provide reports and statistics to Agency and other outside agencies. 
  • Identify demographic information by using reports, data, and statistics from the CCRR needs assessment, provider and parent surveys, core services assessment, consumer satisfaction surveys, training evaluations, technical assistance evaluations, the Census Bureau, American Community, and America's Edge. This information will be used to develop operational plans in order to meet identified consumer needs and core administrative services. Ensure operational plans include the development, implementation, and evaluation of service delivery outcomes. 
  • Coordinate MAT training for the Agency, to include participation in scheduling trainings, promotion of trainings, dissemination of information including grant forms, maintenance of MAT materials and serving as MAT trainer. 
  • Develop curriculum for workshops/training sessions personally conducted by the incumbent; collaborate in the development of curriculum when someone other than the incumbent is the trainer/leader/presenter. Curriculum will include training related to the New York State OCFS regulatory component areas; CDA Functional Areas; and the Core Body of Knowledge. 
  • Review and record all immunizations for those programs involved in both expanded services and those programs participating in the UPK/State-Funded Full-Day PreK program. Follow through with all immunizations not meeting the standards or in question. 
  • Participate in community events and visibilities. 
  • Participate in agency events such as the CCRR Annual Meeting and others that are planned. 
  • Participate in a variety of internal agency meetings. 
  • Maintain personal professional growth and development through a variety of activities. 
  • Participate in other projects or activities as assigned. 


1. Organization responsibilities (Supervision given/received/freedom to act): Under the oriented direction of the Director of Program Standards and Support Services with some latitude for independent action. Primary work requires advanced knowledge in field of learning, obtained by at least a Associates Degree. No supervision responsibilities. Adhere to all Agency Policies and Procedures. 

2. Budget/Fiscal Responsibility: Prepare Health Care Plan Agreements for signature and distribute annually. Collaborate with the Finance Coordinator to ensure timely payments for Health Care Plans. 

3. Internal Contacts: Any and all employees of the Agency related to child care health issues; participate in related and jointly conducted activities with other parts of the Agency.

4. External contacts: Contacts with state and local government officials, licensors and regulators; professional associations, state agencies, parents, child care providers, local school staff and others in the effort to provide accurate information, learn about issues impacting child care and child health and advocate for the child care industry. 

POSITION REQUIREMENTS/QUALIFICATIONS (Requisite knowledge­ capabilities - experience) 

  • Current New York State License: MD, PA, NP, RN. 
  • Associate's Degree in Nursing required; Bachelor's Degree preferred.  
  • Successful completion of Medication Administration Training for Trainers. 
  • Three years’ experience related to community health, pediatrics, infection control, occupational health and safety, advocacy preferred. 
  • Strong writing skills: technical and expository. 
  • Knowledge of Office of Children and Family Services regulations, UPK regulations and Head Start Performance Standards preferred. 
  • Advanced instructional skills; previous experience in leading groups, training, teaching, presentations, and public speaking. 
  • Interpersonal relationship skills, customer service, intercultural competency.  
  • Strong computer skills, including the Microsoft Office suite of applications. 
  • Current CPR certification and First Aid certification preferred. 

Rockland County is a diverse county made up of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Knowledge about or experience with any of Rockland County's diverse cultures is preferred. The ability to speak a second language such as Spanish, Yiddish, Russian or Polish is preferred. Must have valid driver's license and own car. Must be able to work weekends and evenings. 

Position is full-time 40-hour work week. CCRR business hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. 

SALARY RANGE: $47,500 - $60,000 

Submit a resume, cover letter, and three references to 

Administrative Assistant – Health Care Consultancy

Job Description: Under the direction of the Director of Program Standards and Support Services and in tandem with our Nurse/Child Health Care Consultant:  

Assist CCRR’s Registered Nurse/Child Health Care Consultant to guide child care programs participating in state funded Universal and Full-Day PreKindergarten on staying compliant with regulatory requirements.  Tasks include but are not limited to:  

  • Maintaining meticulous, accurate records  
  • Assist the Nurse/Child Health Care Consultant with reviewing immunization records of PreK applications as needed  
  • Contacting family health care provider(s) for medical info missing/omitted from PreK application(s) as needed  
  • Making program site visits to review immunization records/compliance  
  • Completing the Annual BMI/co-morbidities survey per NYSDOH   
  • Assist Nurse/Child Health Consultant with addressing needs of children with special health care needs with both program and parent  
  • Giving technical assistance ensuring NYSDOH Health Immunization Survey is complete  
  • Providing and/or assist in mandatory health related trainings   
  • Assist in tandem withNurse/Child Health Care Consultant in the ongoing contact with providers and programs to include giving technical assistance using a variety of methods such as face-to-face, teleconference, phone, mail, and email.   
  • Keeping current on all rules and regulations and other publications and requirements as they are released.    
  • Assist in data analysis and reporting to the contract agencies.  
  • Collaborating and sharing information with CCRR staff and participating in a variety of internal agency meetings.   
  • Other duties/activities as assigned. 

    Qualifying candidates will have: 
  • Current New York State License RN, LPN (preferred). RN/LPN nursing student candidate may be considered. 
  • Minimum one year of experience related to community health, pediatrics, infection control, occupational health and safety, advocacy.
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Strong computer skills, particularly Word and Excel.
  • Strong research and analytical skills.
  • Ability to organize and coordinate multiple tasks.
  • Knowledge about or experience with any of Rockland County’s diverse cultures is preferred; the ability to speak a second language is a plus.
  • Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00 most days however there will be the need to flex this schedule on occasion.
  • In-person visits to child care programs are required. Qualifying candidate must have a valid driver’s license and own car with valid insurance.

    20-25 hours per week as needed with flexibility of scheduling. Contract period expires June 30, 2021. Maximum contract payment: $30,105. 
    As this is a contract position, agency employment benefits are not offered.

    Interested candidates should email their resume and cover letter to CCRR Executive Director Vicki Caramante at