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Rams Day Care

Rams Day Care
Spring Valley, NY

In December 2022, Elise Bilali Nyota proudly earned her Breastfeeding Friendly Designation for her Family Child Care program Rams Day Care, located in Spring Valley. After working collaboratively with Jenny Spampinato, Manager of Professional Development and receiving technical assistance, owner Elise Bilali Nyota created an area in her home for breastfeeding mothers and families to utilize.

“The process of going through becoming a Designated Breastfeeding Friendly Site was nice and it was easy. I liked that I could complete each step at my own pace, this will be a great addition to my program. I think it’s important for mom’s to have a place to breastfeed where they are comfortable. Jenny made the process easy and was very helpful, she helped me step by step and was available for any questions or assistance.”

As a participant in the Creating Breastfeeding Friendly Communities grant, Elise received professional development on the topic of breastfeeding. This included the health benefits of breastfeeding, the importance of adhering to best practices, recognizing hunger cues, proper storage and preparation, as well as how to create a Breastfeeding Friendly policy for her program.

“The training I received from CCR&R was great, it was very informative, interactive and engaging. The resources provided were very helpful, I hung them up in my program for parents to see when they walk in and in the breastfeeding friendly area we created.”

Elise received various promotional materials for parents, a miniature refrigerator for breast milk storage, a comfortable glider chair for families to utilize, Boppy Pillows, and various educational materials and pamphlets. This will help to not only promote breastfeeding but support breastfeeding parents in her program.