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Fairy Steps Childcare

Fairy Steps Childcare
Valley Cottage

Early September 2021, owner Norfelina Ballas started her Breastfeeding Friendly Designation journey. Norfelina runs a Group Family program out of her home in the beautiful area of Valley Cottage. Norfelina has been working diligently to earn her designation and promote breastfeeding within her program. She has been working collaboratively with Infant Toddler Specialist, Jenny Spampinato to complete all requirements while receiving technical assistance and guidance. Norfelina along with her two assistants participated in the Breastfed Babies Are Welcome Here professional development opportunity in early December 2021. There, participants learned about the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby, locating OCFS regulations that focus on supporting breastfeeding, recognizing infant hungry cues, and discussed strategies for the handling and storage of breast milk.

Norfelina worked alongside the Infant Toddler Specialist to create her own Breastfeeding Friendly Policy geared towards her program. This included the location in which mother’s are able to breastfeed within her home, informing the parents how Norfelina and staff are committed to providing ongoing support, how staff will properly handle and store breast milk, and the promotional information that will be available to families. As an added benefit for working towards becoming a Designated Breastfeeding Friendly Site, Norfelina received numerous promotional materials for parents and staff to utilize. This included a miniature refrigerator for breast milk storage, breast milk storage bags, a Boppy Pillow, and numerous educational materials such as pamphlets, books, and tear pads all in English and Spanish. This will help to provide families with relevant information and resources to provide ongoing support.