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Child Care Makes Rockland Work

Help us meet Rockland's growing child care needs.

Nearly two-thirds of parents struggled to find child care during the pandemic, according to a recent Harvard Business Review Survey. We see it in Rockland, in our office, every week. Frantic parents contact us looking for an appropriate placement - we field at least 100 such calls a month.  The Child Care Makes Rockland Work campaign helps us meet our county's growing child care needs.

Your donation supports: 

  • Struggling, hard-working families  - A single, professional parent will struggle to afford child care, but is not eligible for child care subsidies. This is a common concern for professional parents. We help fund and find grant support to cover tuition costs. 
  • Nutritional needs  - A sad reality for many in Rockland is that often the only nutritional meal a child will eat is in child care or at school. We serve as the liaison between child care providers and the Child and Adult Care Food Program, a federal program that provides reimbursements for nutritious meals and snacks. 
  • Mental and physical health needs  - With a registered nurse and mental health consultant on staff, parents and providers receive practical support and hands-on solutions for physical and mental health concerns.  
  • Safe, quality child care  - Children thrive when they receive high-quality care from a nurturing caregiver. Our Child Care Specialists work directly with providers by engaging regularly. Through site visits, evaluations, and professional development trainings, we ensure that providers maintain levels of care that will help children succeed! 
  • Advocacy for children and families  - We work to make high-quality child care accessible for our county’s families. 

Last year alone, our office was able to help 236 child care businesses remain open, and we referred and placed 1,283 of Rockland’s children into child care and preschool.  This allowed thousands of Rockland’s families to continue to work, contribute to the local economy, and maintain quality of life in our community.  

What we do works!
Won't you help support our efforts?