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Weathering Hard Times

We will start to hear much in the coming days and weeks about being thankful, grateful. As we get to the end of what has been a trying year, we will reflect on what has come, and sadly, what has gone. To those who have lost a loved one this year, for any reason, we offer our sincere condolences. The holiday season for many this year will be much more difficult for having lost – a loved one, a job, their health, their security.  

Yet, there is hope, always. We must hold on to the hope that we will weather these trying times. We must hold on to the hope for love, happiness, togetherness, and the good that is done – for ourselves and for others. As I look back on the past year, I see all the good CCRR has accomplished on behalf of children, families, and child care providers: Thousands of hours learning about how the COVID-19 pandemic would impact child care regulations. Thousands of hours debating and advocating for clarity, consistency, and communication. Thousands of hours working with school districts to create a new system of child care for essential workers and in support of PreK. Thousands of hours planning, executing, and delivering grant funds to providers. Thousands of hours of technical assistance and support to child care providers. Thousands of hours talking with parents about their fears and anxieties about whether or not to send their children to child care. 

CCRR did all of this while facing its own fears and anxieties as the need for our services increased exponentially and our income decreased. We took the drastic step of laying off five long-time staffers. We continue to face financial stress as federal, state, and local governments - our funders - grapple with budget shortfalls. Yet through all the challenges and moments of despair, we make it through with hope for a better day tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. 

As I sit at my kitchen table with hope for tomorrow, I hope also that people like you will recognize the incredible value of what CCRR does every day and make a monetary donation to the agency. Every dollar you give allows us to provide those hours of guidance, of advocacy, of assistance. Your donation improves the quality and safety of child care. Your donation helps a family find child care that suits their needs. Your donation helps families in need of tuition assistance or respite care find the right child care program. Your donation enables complaints about illegal child care to be investigated. Your donation gives providers and families a resource to remain part of Rockland’s economic base. Your donation is hope for the future.  

On behalf of CCRR’s staff and Board of Directors, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

Please donate here or call 845-425-0009. Thank you.