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Thank you, Edna, Jim, and Alice. Welcome, Kim.

This week’s blog continues my focus on CCRR’s incredible staff. Throughout the COVID-19 health crisis, we have been open, supporting children, their families, and child care providers access safe child care. The work we have undertaken has looked a little different, but at its essence, we live by our mission to support and enhance the healthy development of all children. This week, our Registrars Edna, Jim, Alice, and, recently hired, Kim.

Edna Saravia, Program Standards and Support Coordinator

Jim Callahan, Program Standards and Support Specialist

Alice Rosado, Program Standards and Support Specialist

Kim DiMauro, Program Standards and Support Specialist

In addition to the referrals we provide parents, we work closely with our child care providers. That includes helping them with meeting licensing requirements and conducting inspections. Edna was Programs Standard and Support Specialist for over a decade when she was promoted to Coordinator in January, managing license renewals and background checks and many other tasks. Throughout the pandemic, she, Jim and Alice kept in touch with providers daily, walking them through new directives and regulations from OCFS and others. They lent an ear when providers shared their anxiety about the impact stay-at-home mandates were having on their businesses. They helped providers as they made decisions about closing or remaining open to care for children of those who needed to work. They kept meticulous track of programs’ open/closed status and their capacity so when parents did need referrals, we and NYS had accurate information to share.

Kim was supposed to join us in April; because of the pandemic, she was unable to come aboard until August. She has dived right in, helping where she can as she learns all about child care regulations. We are happy to have her on the team.

Six months in, our registrars are very busy processing applications for school-age care programs whether in a day care center, an in-home program, or re-locating an existing before/after-school program, as providers strive to meet the needs of families when their children are learning remotely. They continue to share and guide providers through changes to regulations. They respond to complaints about illegal child care. They continue to provide support and guidance and face challenges head-on. Thank you, Edna, Jim, and Alice. Welcome, Kim.


Remembering September 11th

Nineteen years have passed since that fateful day when 2,977 people lost their lives, when 2,977 families lost a loved one. From that tragedy we saw heroism, resiliency, humanity. We hold on to those strengths. We hold on to the memories of our loved ones. We will never forget.