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Thank you, Lisa, Ines, and Kathleen

This week’s blog continues to focus on CCRR’s incredible staff. Throughout the COVID-19 health crisis, we have been open, supporting children, their families, and child care providers access safe child care. The work we have undertaken has looked a little different, but at its essence, we live by our mission to support and enhance the healthy development of all children. This week, Lisa, Ines, and Kathleen.

Lisa Kreisel, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator
Much of what Lisa does for CCRR might be considered “behind the scenes,” however, the majority of Lisa’s work is all about our public face. Lisa is responsible for creating and managing all the information shared through CCRR’s various communication channels: our website; our social media; and our mass-communication email system, Constant Contact. During the height of the COVID-19 health crisis, Lisa ensured updated information about the impacts of Executive Orders, CDC, OCFS, and Health Department guidance, and a myriad other rules, regulations, and missives were communicated effectively and timely. She quickly turned our paper-based newsletter into a concise, readable digital version. With my great admiration, she created a wonderful, all-digital Annual Report and moderated our Annual Meeting in June, adding Zoom teleconferencing to her repertoire.

Ines Ortiz, Legally Exempt Coordinator
Legally Exempt child care is a fascinating category of care; it supports families receiving child care subsidy by allowing one to choose a family member, friend, or neighbor to provide child care. Ines is responsible for enrolling both parents and caregivers to participate in the program. During the COVID-19 health crisis, child care shifted in different directions. Ines used this time to reach out to child care providers to see how they were holding up, what they needed, and to lend support. Even though the number of enrollment requests declined a bit over these past months, there were still applications to process – a bit more complicated task under the circumstances. Add to that the processing and sharing of information and guidance from the OCFS Legally Exempt Unit, and Ines had to keep on her toes.

Kathleen Siuro, Finance Coordinator
As CCRR has faced financial challenges throughout the COVID-19 health crisis, Kathleen has worked tirelessly to help monitor cash flow, working hand-in-hand with the entire management team to provide daily snapshots of our fiscal health and sharing her insight. And with over twenty funding sources, there is a lot to track. In April, CCRR began to administer the CARES Act Tuition Scholarship program. Kathleen, as an implementation team member, was instrumental in determining internal processes for tracking and reporting expenditures. She saw her workload increase exponentially as claims for over 200 children over eleven weeks needed to be carefully, diligently tracked and monitored. She tracked and distributed thousands of dollars of much-needed PPE and cleaning supplies to child care providers participating in the CARES Act Tuition Scholarship Program. Kathleen’s attention to detail is invaluable.