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Looking Back on 2019, and Looking Ahead

On the first Friday of June, CCRR convenes its Annual Meeting to update our funders and the broader stakeholder community about what we accomplished the year prior. Today, June 5th, we held our Annual Meeting virtually via teleconference – definitely a new experience for us. We are happy to say over 50 people joined the call this year including Assembly Member Ellen Jaffee and a representative of Assembly Member Zebrowski’s office and representatives of several nonprofits and community partners including the United Way of Rockland and Head Start of Rockland.

Our Annual meeting is a time to reflect on the challenges we have faced and the strides we have made in our work to promote, support, and enhance the healthy development of all children:

Advocating for smart, effective child- and family-centered policies;

Carefully and diligently managing our revenues and expenses;

Connecting with families, schools, businesses, other nonprofits, and our local, state, and national legislators;

Supporting child care providers through professional development and training opportunities and registration and regulatory guidance.

I invite you to take look once again at the videos we produced last year which describe the community benefits of and the importance of ensuring safe, quality child care. I also invite you to read through our Annual Report – you’ll find a truer, more detailed review of 2019.

In 2020, we will continue to build on our success and learn from our experience, both negative and positive. While the first part of the year has been consumed by the COVID-19 health crisis, we are emerging from its hold on us with an deeper understanding of the role child care plays not only in the lives of families but in the economy and society as a whole. In 2019, child care was a $4.3B industry in NY, with an economic impact of $8.6B and 172,000 jobs – staggering numbers. Now is the time to amplify our voices in calling for greater investment in child care.