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Feeling the Impact of Covid-19

COVID-19 has taken an enormous toll on us all in such a short time, whether physically, emotionally, or economically. Child care has been, rightly so, designated an essential service, yet the economic impact on child care in particular has been severe. With families keeping children home, providers have many fewer children to care for, if any, and significantly reduced income. Yet their commitment to educating and caring for young children has not waned.

Unfortunately, CCRR has also felt the economic impact and this week, sadly, had to take the drastic step of laying off our Director of Professional Development and Quality Enhancement Services, Debbie Silver, and our Quality Enhancement Specialists, Rachel Ambroziak, David Del Campo, Bonnie Parsekian, and Maria Rivas. Words cannot adequately express how we feel about making this decision.

For the providers who have worked with these staff members over the years, please know that we remain committed to ensuring children have access to quality child care. While we do not have answers to a myriad of questions about what the delivery of technical assistance and professional development will look like in the future, rest assured we are already discussing with our state partners options and opportunities to move us forward. As well, we will need your input as we proceed. Please email your thoughts, ideas, or questions to

Also to our child care providers, we offer our sincerest thanks and appreciation. You hold our children close when we cannot; you wipe away their tears and praise their accomplishments. You give them the tools to explore and navigate the world around them, encouraging them to try again. On this Child Care Provider Appreciation Day, especially during the time in which we now find ourselves, this recognition is paramount. I came across this article on the history and meaning of the day, held every year on the Friday before Mother’s Day – which reminds me to wish all the moms out there (including aunts, grandmothers, and all the other important women in a child’s life), a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Changes have come fast and furious these past weeks. Children are resilient; together we are resilient. We will persevere.