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Coronavirus Update 

These past weeks have been a very stressful time for those of us in the child care world. So much information, correct and incorrect, is being shared via various media outlets and we are all feeling overwhelmed. Please know that all of us at CCRR are here to help providers, children, and families, no matter what. 

First, our office staff continues to operate under normal circumstances, either here in the office or remotely, per our policies, accessing emails, phone messages, etc. We have postponed workshops, trainings, and we are limiting site visits where we can. We ask that before coming to our office that you call instead. If you have documents you need to send, please do so via fax, email, or mail. 

Second, we are monitoring and reviewing all communications from federal, state, and local officials to share with you as quickly as possible.  

Third, we are fielding calls from parents, providers, and many others with questions about whether a program should close. First and foremost, consult the New York State and Rockland County Health Departments for guidance. But remember that the choice to close a program is one each program needs to make for itself. Programs know their policies and the needs of their clients, staff, and their own families. 

Providers and families – please know that we are here to help you in whatever way we can, even if you just need to talk. While it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to support one another. Government, schools, and health care providers are overwhelmed, and we must remember to be mindful; this pandemic is like nothing seen in quite a long time.  

Be mindful of how the stress and emotions we are feeling affects our children. They sense when adults are under pressure or concerned. Talk with your children about your emotions and about theirs. Help them identify if they are feeling happy, sad, or tired by sharing your feelings. 

Make your time with children count. Head Start offers some wonderful ideas about ways to incorporate teachable moments into everyday activities such as meal preparation, sorting and counting objects in a drawer or toy bin, and much more.  

On behalf of the staff and Board of CCRR, I wish you health throughout the coming weeks.