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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, so is the holiday giving season. We give presents to our loved ones as tokens of our love, we give our time to help those in need, and we give our dollars in support of charitable causes. With the advent of social media, giving our dollars happens with the click of a button, particularly on the world-wide GivingTuesday.

This GivingTuesday we ask that you donate to our Child Care Tuition Scholarship Fund and reap the benefit of knowing your contribution will help a family in need meet their child care tuition costs.

If you read this blog every two weeks, you already understand the impact of early education and school-age care on children and families. You likely know that child care costs about $10,000 per year per child; that a family of four needs to earn over $96,000 a year before taxes in order to make ends meet. You understand the impact of child care tuition assistance.

As of today, over 340 families wait for a Child Care Subsidy from the Rockland County Department of Social Services. Families of four earning no more than $50,400 are eligible, yet because funding is currently frozen while the county waits for additional funds, at least 340 families struggle to figure out who will care for their children when they have to work tomorrow. Some of the children from those families will be shuffled from location to location, not receiving quality child care, without access to a before- or after-school program.

On GivingTuesday, you become part of a movement, a collaboration, a community of givers. You get the satisfaction, the excitement, the rush of emotions others get from giving – as part of one, big, global community. And while thinking globally, we hope you give locally. Your donation on GivingTuesday will help us increase the number of children receiving tuition assistance – very likely one of the children from the 340 families I mentioned. Our scholarships of $3600 per year per child make child care tuition a bit more affordable, a bit less distressing. You can be the person who gives a child the seat in an early childhood program that in turn sparks an imagination, a talent, a future.