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Reflecting on Six Months

May 1st marked my first six months as Executive Director of CCRR, and the time has certainly flown by. While the first couple of months were spent settling in, the rest of my time has been spent on meeting providers, meeting my counterparts around the state, implementing new projects, and reviewing with CCRR’s amazing staff and board the initiatives already in progress.

One of the first things I needed to do as a new Executive Director was understand the systems in place, the data we collect, and the milestones we are contractually obligated to meet - and boy is there a lot of data to gather from our 23 different contracts and myriad programs and partnerships. That data quantifies our impact on our children, on our providers, and on our teachers. The data helps us tell the story of CCRR and of the value of early care and education.

The common threads in our story are CCRR staff and board members. Every day, our interactions with child care providers, parents, school districts, and community partners build on what we’ve learned over the years about the state of child care in Rockland. We support families and early care teachers. We ensure the programs serving children are safe; teachers have the appropriate certifications, professional development, and support; classroom spaces are set up to foster play and learning; and curriculum being implemented is developmentally appropriate.

I am especially excited for three new programs CCRR has been working on since January: the expansion of the regional Infant Toddler Network, which allowed us to hire Jenny Spampinato (you met her in my last blog) and work to increase the quantity and quality of infant toddler care; the Pyramid Model Hub, which gives teachers the tools to address the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students; and working with school districts to meet the needs of parents and students transitioning from PreK to Kindergarten.

We know there are parts of the story still to be written – the part that finishes with every child in Rockland and beyond accessing affordable, safe, quality child care. Like so many other parts of New York and the United States, needs are not being met. Whether the cost of care, the proximity to home or work, or the hours, finding child care can be very difficult for many; the next chapter of our story continues.

The timing of this six-month mark is fortuitous – beginning at 8:30 AM on Friday, June 7th in the Ellipse Room at Rockland Community College, I will have the opportunity to publicly report on all CCRR does for the children and families in Rockland at our Annual Meeting. CCRR’s own Jenny Spampinato, our Infant Toddler Specialist, is our featured speaker. I invite you all to attend and learn more about what we’ve accomplished this last year and our goals for the coming year. You can RSVP online, by calling 845-425-0009 or by emailing.