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We are the Champions

An invitation....

Merriam-Webster defines a champion as a warrior or fighter; an advocate or defender; one that does battle for another’s rights or honor. These words aptly describe Rockland’s “Children’s Champions” - our early child care teachers, partners, advocates, and supporters who work every day, little by little, facing failures and successes, to ensure every child has the greatest opportunities we can offer. 

 “We are the champions, my friends. And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end…”

An anthem often heard at sporting events, these empowering lyrics move and inspire us to come together to dream big, to celebrate success, to strive for something more.  Note, though, Freddie Mercury doesn’t declare himself a champion, he doesn’t stand alone in the spotlight – he calls attention to the collective, the “we.” Our Children’s Champions do the very same, day after day. They work with the collective, pulling together partnerships and resources to ensure every child and their family is loved, nurtured, and educated.

Child Care Resources of Rockland annually recognizes those who are true Children’s Champions. Purposefully hosted during April, the “Month of the Young Child,” CCRR’s Children’s Champions Dinner is a phenomenal opportunity to celebrate those warriors, advocates, and crusaders. I invite you to join us Wednesday, April 10th beginning at 5:45 PM at the Nyack Seaport as we honor our 2019 Children's Champions:

Phyllis Helbraun Award: Ileana Eckert, Superintendent, North Rockland Central School District
It Takes a Community Award: Janet Fenton, Director of Children's Program, One to One Learning
The Dynamic Group Award: Youth Services Librarians, Library Association of Rockland County
Champion in the Trenches Award: Donna Dorvil, Infant Lead Teacher, Campus Fun & Learn Development Center
Rookie of the Year Award: Maria Rodriguez Vega, Owner, Growing Together Family Child Care