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Meet. Meet. Meet. Advocate.

Happy 2019!

New Year, new start – or at least to re-group and look to where and how to make an impact without getting overwhelmed.

I have been a bit overwhelmed the past few weeks – and I am sure the CCRR staff has been, too – because of the sheer number of meetings in which I’ve participated. Don’t get me wrong, they are important, and I am learning something new at each one. But my color-coded calendar (yes, I am one of those people) is a daily rainbow. At least it looks pretty.

Often after these meetings, or later on in the evening when I’m thinking about how my day went, I wonder how we can strengthen the partnerships CCRR has and how we can create new partnerships.  What should those partnerships look like? What can we accomplish together?

Several nonprofits in Rockland have taken to using the hashtags #WeAreRockland and #CommunityUnity when sharing their partnership successes via social media. How simple. How effective. We are all in this together and should celebrate our common goals. So CCRR will join on social media with our counterparts and use the hashtags #WeAreRockland and #CommunityUnity as a celebration of nonprofits.

Of course, many of our partnerships revolve around advocacy – for the people we serve, for the programs we assist, and for ourselves. As we look to state budget season, our advocacy will focus on the Governor’s proposed budget. Hopefully, it will clearly state that quality early care and education is a priority. With our statewide and local advocacy partners, Child Care Resources of Rockland will be a voice for children. I invite you to join us by sending letters and emails, making phone calls, or even posting or reposting something about quality early care and education on your social media platforms. Learn more about advocating in CCRR’s latest newsletter. The cover article entitled, “I Am An Advocate and So Are You,” sums up how we can all do our part for children, families, and Rockland. #WeAreRockland #CommunityUnity