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Is It Best For The Children?

At the end of next week, Jane Brown’s tenure at CCRR comes to a close. I hope Jane truly realizes the impact she has had on the world and the impact she has had on each and every individual with whom she has come in contact. She inspires us all to be better and do better, and I will always aspire to ask, as Jane always does, “Is it best for the children?”

Doing what is best for children has meant meeting with our state elected officials to advocate for sound child care policy and a state budget that reflects those policies. We, along with our statewide resource and referral partners, are asking for $5 million of additional funding to train those who work with infants and toddlers, and to build capacity and quality in programs to serve those children.

Doing what’s best for children has meant meeting with school districts to discuss the upcoming pre-K application process for the 2019-2020 school year; discussing the inquiry-based pre-K curriculum that emphasizes constructive, purposeful play; and advocating for funds and policies that support a truly universal pre-K program for all four-year-olds across New York State.

Doing what’s best for children means licensing new programs; providing regulatory oversight; providing guidance and training for programs and families on how to reduce sodium intake; working with partners to set up breastfeeding-friendly spaces (we have one in our office!); and closely reviewing our budget to ensure we are on target and meeting our goals.

As one can imagine, the last two months have been jam-packed as Jane and the CCRR staff have shared with me a smidgen of their expertise.  As a Board Member for 10 years, I had a good understanding of how the staff executes CCRR’s mission and vision. As I’ve learned, the depth and breadth of their responsibility and knowledge is boundless, and I have learned so much more about the impact CCRR has on Rockland and beyond.

The drive to do what is best for children comes from the inspirational leadership of Jane Brown. There have been parties full of laughter and tears as we celebrate our accomplishments and celebrate Jane. We will always be inspired by her, and we will always ask ourselves if what we are doing is best for children. Farewell, Jane. Thank you.