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All Boxes Sold! Thank you for your support.

Ready for some fun? Our 2021 Superbowl Fundraiser is on! And it has a bit of a twist to it...  The are 100 boxes, each box is $100.  60/40 Split: $6,000 for our winners, $4,000 to help support the mission of Child Care Resources of Rockland.  Purchase your box today online or contact Karen at 845-425-0009, x630 or   View the box sheet here.

Here is the twist.  There will be a $200 winner with every score change.  That's right, there will be a winner every time the score changes. So root for a safety, a two-point conversion or  blocked extra point. Your numbers from your box never change, so the more the score changes, the better the chance you have to win!

The final score will win $200 and whatever is remaining of the $6,000 pot (not to be less than $200).  

An example of how it will work:
0/0 – First score will win $200 (If you are lucky enough to have this at the start – you will be an automatic winner.)
0-6 – winner $200 (touchdown)
0-7 – winner $200 (extra point)
3-7 – winner $200 (field goal)
9-7 – winner $200 (touch down)
10-7 – winner $200 (extra point)

And so on.  Until the final.  The person with the final numbers will win $200 and whatever remains of the $6,000 (guaranteed not to be less than $200).

Boxes are $100 and only 100 Boxes will be sold!  Are you in?  Purchase your box here!

Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission to ensure the healthy development of all children in Rockland. Supporting the early care and learning of our young children will help them to be successful at school, in their families and in the community.

For more information, please contact Karen Ross at 845-425-0009, x630.