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FREE Little Scientist: Creating and Engaging Science and Discovery Centers in the Preschool Classroom

Science is life. Children are naturally inclined to investigate the world around them using whatever tools they can think of, even if that tool is their tongue! During the early years, educators can focus on the investigative tools for science and the way in which the little scientists can use scientific thinking every day. Join Diahann to learn more about creating engaging science and discovery centers in your classroom.

Target Audience: Preschool Staff and Family/Group Family
Providers, Legally Exempt
Trainer:Diahann Darwood

Component Areas
OCFS: 1, 3
CBK: 1, 4

Register by calling Christina at 845-425-0009 extension 0.

We want to thank Assemblymember Ken Zebrowski for providing professional development funding to the child care community in Rockland. All classes will be free to members of CCRR through August 2023, on a first come first serve basis until the funding has been depleted.