2023-2024 Football FUNdraiser

This football season, get more enjoyment and more excitement than ever before by participating in the Child Care Resources of Rockland Football Fundraiser! When you purchase a box, you are supporting our work to ensure all children have access to safe, high-quality child care.

Just pick a number, purchase your box, and enjoy the games!


Each weekly game will yield the following payout: $50 at half-time, and $100 final score.

Purchasers who enter into the 18 games, plus the Superbowl will have up to 40 chances to win out of the $5000. They can even win more than once!   Good luck to all of our Football FUN supporters!  

How It Works
The boxes on this grid correlate with scoring. The person who owns the box that corresponds with the intersection of each team’s score wins.

How does the grid correlate with scoring?
Numbers 0-9 will be assigned to each row and column once every box has been sold.
  If the score becomes double digits (ex. 13-29), we will use the second digit of each score to determine who wins.  

The Payout

Each weekly game payout: $50 at half-time and $100 for the final score. 

THIS IS A FUNDRAISER with a 50/50 split. $5,000 will be raised to help us fulfill our mission to promote, support, and enhance the healthy development of all children.

For more information, please email Christina at christinae@rocklandchildcare.org or by phone at 845-425-0009 x610.

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